What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? Ok, so I resigned my comfortable job. Some unpleasant things going on and it just got uncomfortable, not so comfortable, and it was time to go. It was super hard to decide where to go, but I made a decision to go where I felt I would be able to feel the safest, because I left because I didn’t feel I could trust my bosses anymore. Things can change over time. Illness and situations can change people. I understand that, of course.

I didn’t know others were planning their exodus at the exact same time. That ended up in my exodus causing quite the explosion with my resignation lighting a firestorm of fury. Result? I was fired with my resignation. Causing alot of grief and shock and awe. I get it now, George Bush. I felt that. It worked boss. But I didn’t lose an eye, or two, I can still see. I hurt, and I reeled, and I worried most for my patients, but I have faith in them too. Most of them are smart and will figure it out. The organization will take care of those who can’t. I never had any intentions of taking all those patients with me. Boss, you could have just asked me that. That wasn’t my intention for leaving. I just wanted to leave the chaos. The chaos just wasn’t healthy for me anymore and I wanted to leave. It’s much quieter now.

I had to spend alot of money getting my new practice set up, and it wasn’t easy. But I do suspect over time it will be very nice. EPP- Empowerment, Purpose, Peace. Very well thought out Catheryn, I like that. That sounds like a good place to be. Those sounds like good traits for me to engage with. A good choice.

Those who want to find me will. Those who I lose I wish only the best to. I’m sure to meet new folks along my new path as well. I’m releasing the old and welcoming the new with the new season. I’m going to open my heart to the fall. Namaste.


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