Trump Train Chicken

It started simply and innocently enough. I was walking my dog, and i saw a beautiful sight. A group of people on a driveway in the time of covid, doing yoga, socially distanced apart. I saw it over and over a few times. It was real. I wrote a note, asking if I could join. I heard from the teacher, and I joined. It was so nice to do yoga with other humans, in person again. I felt alive again. It felt so good to stretch again, and breathe so well again.

And just as fast it was over. The owner of the home put up a huge banner on the garage door. “Get on the Trump Train” . He ruined the yoga class for me, but maybe not just for me, because I don’t see the yoga class there anymore. Soon after that a two foot chicken sat at the foot of the 6 foot by 4 foot banner.

What was the message of the chicken? Who was that message for? He destroyed our yoga class. That wasn’t enough? He had to taunt us too? I began to have plans for that chicken. I devised a plan. Next door is a slightly overgrown property. I devised locations where I would stash my supplies for my late night ninja attack on that chicken. My plan- a large BLM sticker over the Trump Train banner, and red paint and fake vomit and fake dog poop around and on the chicken, while I sneak in from the side property at night dressed all in black including a face covering, with a car with blacked out plates ready to make my escape……

as i confessed my obsessive plan to my sister the lawyer which continues to get more and more detailed each time I walk my dog around that area, I continue to wonder, where is the service of “Dirty Pranks” in this time of online services one can order paying in bitcoin and other non traceable currencies? Cause I’m in partner? Feel free to start that business entrepreneurs- it’s yours. You’re welcome.

Trump Train Chicken

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