Furious about gun laws, part 2

The recent employee shooting in Aurora, Illinois was done by someone who applied for a a foid card and got one.  It wasn’t until he applied for the concealed carry license that his felony for a stabbling In mississippi in 2007 came up, and it was denied and his foid card was “revoked”, but he never turned in his weapon or foid card.

Nor are fingerprints required to apply for a foid card or make a gun purchase.

Statistics on gun crime indicate that the vast majority of gun crimes occur with guns that have been stolen from gun stores.  Gun stores are not required to  have security, or cameras, or even lock up the weapons when the stores are closed.

For those who lost family members and for the rest of us, it’s clear the NRA is way more about money and power than safety.

Common sense changes could easily be made to prohibit assault weapons, just as easily as it was for dunce 45 to sign the bumpstock prohibition.

But of course gun sales should all require fingerprints, FBI background checks, and adequate security. None of those interventions violate anyone’s 2nd amendment rights, unless there’s a clause in the 2nd amendment that allows for gross negligence and stupidity to also be a right.


Furious about gun laws, part 2

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