What used to be Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, Valentines Day, many people were on the news talking about the mass shooting in Parkland  last year, a year ago on Valentines Day.  When I heard them talking I felt sad and then thought to the Valentines Day in 2007 when I had just dropped my son off at NIU after meeting him for lunch.  He called me on my cell phone as I was driving on 88 towards Chicago, and he just said “Mom, I’m ok. Turn on the news”.  Then he was on the phone telling friends and other family he was safe, as I turned on the news and heard of the shooting at NIU where 7 students were killed. In the auditorium where he attended classes during that time on Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Valentines day that year was a Thursday.

To me, I don’t think this will ever be a holiday.  Not as long as assault weapons are so readily available and common sense laws about guns are still lacking, because of the strength of the GOP.    I won’t forget how I felt in 2007, and every time I hear about another “Mass shooting”.  Crap.  There was one of these episodes in European countries where the laws were immediately changed- and that never occurred in those places again.  Not as long as mother’s and father’s lose their children while the people in power send their meaningless “thoughts and prayers”.  Bullshit.

I’m angry.  I’m angry our children and grandchildren need to grow up in a world where scars like this continue to happen, while the few people with the majority of the money and influence control what should be common sense and keep it from becoming law.  I felt a sense of hope at last year’s March for our Lives.  But little has changed so for now I feel furious, sad and furious.

What used to be Valentine’s Day

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