“Please Don’t Die” featured on Dr Kevin Pho’s blog

Hi all,

I hope you’ve all survived the holiday season in one piece.

I’m very excited to share that an excerpt to my new book is live on Dr Pho’s bog, he’s got thousands more followers than I do so cool, right?  If you want to read an excerpt you can check it on by clicking on the link below.

On a much sadder note, my book is being updated again because one of my survivors’ son’s hung himself 1/5/19.  Devastating news.  More on this at a later date when my emotions about this are less upset.

Meanwhile check out the blog. While I add the book update, it can take a day or 2 longer until it’s shipped out.  The current version is still available at our crystal lake office.

Namaste.  Honor the light, and keep it burning, even in the rain.

“Please Don’t Die” featured on Dr Kevin Pho’s blog

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