May your life be filled with disappointment

Ok, I know that sounds pretty weird so let me explain.

I’m sitting at my desk where I’ve hovered for the last 3 hours waiting for something to be sent by email that I left at my office yesterday.

In case you’ve been following, it’s the final edit of my book “Please Don’t Die” on suicide prevention.

For the last 2-3 months I’ve been driven nuts trying to comply with the horrible software and customer support at Createspace, a self publishing Amazon owned site I used with no issues 5 years ago, when I published my first book and knew I wanted to write “please don’t die”.  So I’m pretty decent at technology but this was unreal. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told in the last few months “I’m not allowed to help you with this” by people who are referred to as customer support.  (100 is not an exaggeration).

So finally after finishing it and downloading it yesterday, I’d worked 11 hours and figured I’d go home and order the prints. No, that didn’t happen. It so happens that Createspace closed yesterday and everything was essentially lost and I was told, could not be retrieved by the new company, with the same staff, and the same “support” people telling me they couldn’t help me, which has to be bullshit of course, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. My answer was I would hear back from one in 24 hours.

So how can all this frustration and disappointment be a good thing? It is.  Because my sister who isn’t a person who says nice things just to be nice, did her edits over 2 weeks and “loved it”.  My final editor, Emily, told me it came to her at the perfect time. So how can I possibly be upset?  My book already did what I wanted it to.

I hope disappointment  comes your way because I hope, like me, it’s the worst thing that happens to you this holiday season. There’s so many truly awful things people are dealing with.  When you think about it, this little thing is really a nothing, and will soon be forgotten.

This fact, that this is the worst thing happening in my life right now, when put in perspective,  means that I’m really really lucky.  We almost always are disappointed with our expectations.  If you can lose those, and just accept what is today, that’s really the life blessing.

May your life be filled with disappointment

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