Great expectations- not

So I was too optimistic thinking the finishing of the book meant that the book was finished. First I had to have my cover artist reformat it about 10 times, and then there were the internal format issues, convering the document to PDF, these things are not my forte, and it’s been on frustration after another. Each time I think it’s done, it’s not, and each time I have to resubmit everything and then wait 24 hours, how fun? Not.

Truthfully, had to find a couple live humans among the drones and if not for them, I might have shelved the whole shebang again.  30 calls, multiple hours on hold, 2 real human beings with a soul.  Not bad.

So maybe december 1st.  Just remember, if we expect things we’re always disappointed. That’s how life works. But if you go through it expecting nothing, wonderful surprises are there every day.

I’m putting it in writing for myself, my hubby and you all. This is the last book. Never again.

It was much easier years ago when there were live people helping, now it’s all computer software and you need to be a genius or professional at knowing the software.

Boy I’m tired.

maybe soon


Great expectations- not

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