Letter to the rest of the world from us 60% of Americans

Does anyone else feel we need to do this- publish this somewhere to offset the negative PR of our current POTUS?

Dear World,

We are wanting to connect with you from the majority (57%) of Americans that

  1.  We love our allies and love all your countries, the POTUS doesn’t speak for us
  2.  We are not racist or white supremacists as a country
  3. We care about feelings, ethics, morals, and behavior.
  4. We understand that words matter, and are horrified by our POTUS every day
  5.  We are a country of immigrants and value our ethnic differences and religious differences. We value family. We value children. We value and embrace diversity.
  6. Eventually enough people with character and class will again be running our country. Until then, please don’t abandon us.  Fruitcake does not speak for us.


Sincerely, most of the good people of the United States, who hope to be free of this tyranny and embarassment sometime soon, and understand it will take years to repair the destruction of this POTUS.

Letter to the rest of the world from us 60% of Americans

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