Plant a single seed in your garden

Happy Day! Another Hallmark holiday. Are you your favorite valentine?

No? You hate yourself? You’re ashamed of things you have or haven’t done, or you’re ashamed or embarrassed by something. You think everyone else but you is enjoying today?

Children small enough to enjoy the pleasure of sugar with none of the guilt are enjoying today. But maybe not you. What can you do?

Could you visualize planting a seed today? A seed of hope? A seed of change?

Can you visualize a willow tree that no matter where planted almost always grows like a giant weed and flourishes?

Or the lotus flower, that grow through muck and mud and emerges pristine? Could you try to imagine that today this seed you will plant could emerge as you, gorgeous and glorious? Give your seed some attention, some light, some nourishment and some time. Give yourself what you need today to bloom. Be kind to you. I love you. The world is just waiting for you to grow and bloom.



Plant a single seed in your garden

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