2018 resources

Hi all

Yes, You will maybe notice I am posting less often this year.  I’m hard at work on my 2nd book on suicide prevention.  Are we all talking about suicide that much more?  It seems like I hear of a sucide at least every week lately.  The world has become an uglier place and the less connected we are, the meaner we can be to one another.  The meaner life feels, the harder it is to maintain the struggle when we’re in pain.  This is a book I promised myself to write and finish this year. I will.

That’s why it’s always best to discuss anything delicate in person – not by text, and not over the phone. We are much kinder to one another when face to face.

So While I’m off writing my second personal project, here are some resources for you.

Kindspring.org    You can sign up for their newsletter and share your random acts of kindness. the readers will gift you with karma bucks you can then send on to others. A lovely site where kind people connect and you can feel inspired again by fellow humanoids.

Dailygood.org    This lovely site shares positive stories of humans doing lovely things that positively affect other humans every day.  Alot of wisdom and alot of inspiration of people of all ages, around the globe.

Kindful kids from ServiceSpace.org   Stories intended to help parenting kind and considerate little humans to help our world be a better place in the future.

DBTselfhelp.com  A site set up by a real woman who graduated and continues to use DBT skills training to self calm and deal with borderline personality disorder.  Also search under DBT on Facebook. You will also find DBT sites there where helpful information is posted to help with self calming and “emotional regulation” ie having control over your responses

Simple Habit  is an Ap available on most smart platforms. It’s a 5-7 minute  Mindfulness exercise to help you calm down.

Insight Timer is another Ap that can help you use guided imagery to self calm. Calm mind =happy mind.

Online therapy is a “thing” now. Available from many sources.  Byron clinic is one of these.  Take care of yourself while I’m working. I will be back.

Free Gift from Byron Clinic

5 Free Online Video Counselling Sessions

Try It, You Will Like It

Hi Rhonda,
We have a very exciting gift for you!
We are giving away five FREE online video counselling sessions from wisemind.com to everyone throughout the month of January.
There are currently 90 therapy sessions online with another 120 sessions to be released in the new year.
Current topics include:
🌼 Advanced Trauma Therapy
🌼 Emotional Regulation
🌼 Conflict in Relationships
🌼 Divorcing – Parents and Kids
2018 resources

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