Touch Me

Really frustrated because I wrote this whole great blog post about how babies in orphanages die without human contact

How studies were done in early and mid 1920s-1950 about touch being as important as food and water, how important human contact is to survival.  How a study was done in 1940s where babies were broken into two groups, one with caring and basic needs and the other 20 babies just basic needs with minimal human interaction – and how after 4 months the study was ended because half the infants in the limited human interaction group had died.

But somehow when I pressed publish, it didn’t. Then on my Ap I hit an X and now it’s all gone.

So I’m a boob and here’s the bottom line.

We all need human contact to survive.  Touch someone, even someone you prefer not to.  We can all live healthier and longer and we all need it.

Touch me. Happy holidays.

Touch Me

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