We have survived one year of Trump

It is still inconceivable that so many gullible and naive people believed the promises of the circus clown who is in the leading seat in our government, but I am heartened to know we’ve survived the first year, and so far without complete destruction of our lifestyle and the American way as we know it, despite all efforts to destroy our freedoms and way of life.

So I’d like to point out this bright side.  A year plus ago, when the accusers of his sexual predatory behavior came forward, they were downplayed and passed aside. Like sexual predators in positions of power in many fields, this is nothing new. This type of poor behavior has been around forever.  It was “fake news”.  But with the loss of Hillary and the election of a predator, women decided it was time to form groups and resist.  And it is possibly from this new strength found in numbers, that suddenly the sexual predators are finally made to pay the price for their poor behavior.

Bill O’Reilly was fired, and   Fox News Chief Roger Ailes was fired in 2016 but the news about why came out much later , then Harvey Weinstein  was accused and now Roger Moore.

Because I try to be an optimist, I like the idea that the anger we caring and committed Americans felt at being forced to be represented by an animal, all somehow resulted in a turning point where sexual predatory behavior is finally paid attention to rather than tolerated and victims paid off to keep their silence became a thing of the past.  In that way, I can consider that something meaningful and positive has come out of this last year.  We’ve learned we can’t keep silent about terrible behavior and if we speak up, things can finally change.

We have survived one year of Trump

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