Insights from the Las Vegas shooter- arrogance

So it seems like we might have gotten some insights about the Vegas shooter. He wasn’t crazy, he was angry.  Angry enough to make others suffer the way he felt he did.

In 2013 he sued the Cosmopolitan Hotel for a fall. His deposition shows a braggert who feels he’s very important to the gambling community because of the amount of time and money he spent gambling every day. He was apparently pretty good at it, enough to be rich by most of anyone’s standards. But something was missing – he didn’t get the acclimation he felt he deserved.

So when he fell at the fancy Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas, he felt due something.  Read up on some of his comments in his deposition.  He felt he was very important. How dare this hotel, and this judge not see that?  The judge dismissed his case.  Thus started the acclimation of weapons from that point on.  So why didn’t he go shoot the judge? the other lawyer?  He would have gotten caught. He basically lacked the social skills to be acknowledged. He hoped to get away. He was a coward.

He wasn’t planning on getting caught. He had everything pretty well worked out, including explosives in his car to hurt as many others as possible.  He was delusional in  assuming that because he had money, that he deserved a certain kind of accolade and respect from others.   Like our president, some arrogant people think money or a powerful position earn you the respect of others. Certainly many of those people surround themselves with others who kiss their butts.  Because they can’t tolerate any dissent or disagreement.  But we all know the truth, respect is something we have to earn. And the more we give out, the more we get.

So this doofus was so angry he felt entitled to take other people’s happiness away from them. A great place to find completely innocent targets would be a music festival. He perched himself where he didn’t hear the music. He actually had trial runs or plans at a number of other venues, in Chicago at Lollapalooza and in Boston.  He didn’t act out his rampage there, I’d like to think it was because maybe someone in those places said a kind word to him, so he couldn’t carry it out.  But Vegas, Vegas became the enemy in his mind because he should be world famous for his poker skills, but he wasn’t. And his skills were only against the machines, he could never succeed in a tournament with others because he had not sufficient people skills.  Because a person who thinks money should make others  bow down to them somehow either gets elected President of America or has to be satisfied with fantasizing about owning a small island.  He should have moved to a poor country, hired bodyguards and built his palace.  We wish he had.


Insights from the Las Vegas shooter- arrogance

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