Something New

Do you ever get into the rut where you feel like one day is just like the other and you’re just going through the motions of living?  That can happen for alot of reasons, one of which is chronic depression or chronic stress.  But it doesn’t have to be that way or stay that way.  Sometimes, it’s just about how you approach living that affects how you feel. What you’re thinking about what is going on colors your response to it.

I can promise you that every person you think is so happy or carefree probably has problems deeper or worse than yours, or has conquered how to live with them.  It’s ok to get blue once in awhile, we all need a pity part to just regroup on occasion, believe me, you’re entitled to that.  Go for it big time when you need it.  Eat a quart of ice cream and cry your eyes out and watch Titanic and don’t answer the phone.  You deserve that for how hard you work every day.

But if those days just feel like every day and every day is “meh” then it might be a good time to try something new.   So here’s where the thought processes make a big difference.

Try on some of these today (or any New day)

  1.  Today is not like yesterday or last week.  Because today is the first day that September 1st 2017 has ever happened.  This isn’t last friday. It’s the first day of a new month in a year that you haven’t lived in yet.  It’s new.
  2. Because it’s new, it hasn’t happened yet.  So lets have a little fun with this new day that we haven’t lived yet.  What is something you can do today that will be different. Can you come up with 5 new things you haven’t done before today?  In the next hour?
  3. Some suggestions:  It could be as easy as answering the phone differently today which would then pass on this whole new thing to everyone you talk to.  What about “Happy September !st, this is …..”.  Because you just answered the phone in a fresh new way all your conversations will now be different than usual. Just this one fresh new approach will change your entire day.  It will be fun all day to watch your responses.  Maybe you even want to try that in your workspace. Maybe on the bus, on the train.  Maybe you even have something more fresh and clever to say than “Happy September 1st”- having this one new thing today will change your whole freakin day! And others too!  Wake everyone up out of this living coma!
  4. You could wear something entirely weird for you just to amuse you! Wear two different shoes or socks on purpose. Wear intentionally clashing colors or prints- fun!  Get some of that pink or purple spray and spray a streak of color in your hair.   Now I intentionally painted my toenails recently two different alternating colors.  It was fun and I was amused.  In two weeks, only one person other than my pedicurist noticed- because everyone is in a coma!  Be weirder! Even so, people are afraid to say anything because they don’t want to be offensive!  So just enjoy it.  Personally I love love love my “Nasty Woman” button from Hillary’s campaign. (And I don’t think that’s at all weird, btw)   You know who always comments on it?  African American Women at work-everywhere. They are so happy to see a white toast older lady who agrees with them.  I get so much love and I feel so connected when people comment on it. It’s my absolutely favorite thing.  Buy a goofy pin and wear it proudly!  I love things that also support animals- I know I always smile at people’s animal support bumper stickers.
  5. If you’re really really stuck, change your perspective literally.  Put your head between your legs and let all the blood rush to your brain.  This is a great thing to do during a panic attack too btw.  All that blood rushing down and that rush changes how you feel.  Or if you can’t do that position, just lay your head off the edge of the bed and let the blood rush to your head that way for awhile.  It’s good for your brain and very refreshing.  (for 5-15 minutes)


So even if all you do today is notice that today is Sept 1st 2017 and just be open and aware and think multiple times today this is a brand new day- I can live it a whole new way and what can I do different today- a whole new set of possibilities opens up and you come out of that living coma.  You start paying attention more to right now just to see what you can do differently right now  and that changes EVERYTHING.


Something New

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