Lessons from the Eclipse

We had an interesting celestial phenomenon this week.   Whether it touched you or didn’t, there’s alot to be learned by watching science.  There’s much we can apply to our daily lives.  Here’s a few thoughts on this subject and please add some of your own.

There is little perfect balance in nature.  Even something in perfect balance occurs only rarely, lasts only briefly, and is quickly gone.  The idea of permanence is an illusion. The idea of perfection is an illusion.  Try not to waste you time and energy on searching or striving for either.   No matter how hard you try, everything is always in the process of change.  If things are wonderful right now, enjoy this wonderful moment.  If things are bad right now, know that this will change.

We can never fully appreciate the light unless we’ve experienced some darkness. The light seems to shine more brightly after the darkness.   If we never experienced pain, we would never notice it’s absence.

Everything has at least two sides, we can be looking at the same thing but from different places so no wonder it looks different depending on where you’re viewing it from.  And our view is always changing because we are.

Dark is just dark. There’s nothing about the dark that makes it dangerous. Everything is the same in the dark as in the light.  Remember that all the things that make you feel safe and make life worth living are still there, even when you can’t see them.  The things you need to heal you are also there, even if you can’t see what they are right now.  If you keep feeling around, and don’t give up, trust that you will find them.


Lessons from the Eclipse

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