Has Anyone Seen my Big Girl Panties?

Have you seen them?  I can’t seem to find them anywhere.  I have notes all over my house telling me to find them but I don’t seem to know where they are. Do you know what they are?  I just found out what they were a couple of years ago.  See, sometimes it takes more than being old to earn a pair.  You can’t buy them anywhere, drats.  And know what else?  You really don’t want them.  Someone should be selling these somewhere, are you kidding me?  What a goldmine! Come on Victoria’s Secret!  Can’t you just see those stick thin runway models with their 9 inch heels and feather wings wearing panties saying “Big Girl Panties”!

A few years ago I was whining to a friend who told me to put them on.   It’s the idea of them that works.  She said ‘I have to tell you something that will be hard to hear, put on your big girl panties and deal with it’ and I had never heard that before.  But it’s pretty funny the impact those words have.  Just imagining them can make me feel more grown up.  My friend has passed on now, those are child words for harsh grown up life, but she did leave me this wonderful legacy of these words.  When we were little, we all wanted to be big girls.

I shared this with a patient a few months ago when she was at the beginning of a tough emotional journey.  Now she emails me regularly telling me of her struggles, but always that ‘she’s wearing her big girl panties’ and that this really helps.  And I’m glad it does. Just reading those words on those notes all over my house helps me too.

I never ever want to put them on.  I want to cry and scream and fight and numb myself to the pain of life.  But seeing those words reminds me to at least look for them and try to put them on.  Maybe it might help you too.

PS- There is nothing in the Big Girl contract that says you can’t eat a gigantic chocolate chip cookie the size of a planet along with a chocolate malt to wash it down for breakfast.

And because you’re such a big girl, you put two scoops of chocolate flavored green food powder in and now you’ve gotten all your veggies today.  Well done!

Has Anyone Seen my Big Girl Panties?

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