Join the “You Matter” brigade

I think it can be truly amazing what a little kindness can do.  Below, you will find the link to an easy activity you can join.  A therapist is on a mission to spread these two words, and it’s amazing – as you will read- what those two words can do.
This morning i was deep in thoughts about meeting committments and how my work would be received by those I was preparing it for.  Doing over some projects for the 3rd time, because my first two efforts didn’t have my full attention and my results displayed that.  Yesterday I did my first of the third effort.  For once, i wasn’t pre-occupied with the other projects I was worried would dissapoint, and to my surprise, the product was perfect.  I actually took the time and looked over what I was trying to accomplish so desperately and realized I was making it much much harder than what was required.  Imagine that!  How often do we do this to ourselves?   Likely alot.
Then I went and did something for someone else.  And a little while later, something very unexpected was done for me.  Hmmmm, interesting.
Yesterday, like today, I have to do something social I’m not very comfortable with.  Like some others close to me, I get alot of social anxiety and dread before I’m going to be with a group of people I don’t know that well.  I feel judged by how I look, what I choose to wear, and how I act.  Yesterday, I went to that lunch because I’m hoping I can push through and make myself go to my 45 High school reunion this year.  I want to go because I said I would.  The people I know best from my high school days are all long gone.  I hung with a wild crowd back then.  I do know some high school people now, and how I got to know them was attending my 20th reunion.  I have no idea how I had the guts to go to that one on my own and just going through a divorce, but I did, and it paid off.  That’s why I’d like to go again.  The opportunity to connect with some like minded souls could be good.  The lunch I went to yesterday- I was suprised and delighted to find out that the Trump lover troll that drove me crazy on Facebook; also drove all of them crazy on Facebook- and that at the 43rd reunion he proudly introduced his 23 year old bride!  That explained alot!  (He was 60 at the time).
So “You Matter”.  Of course you do.  Of course I do.  When we actually shut off that internal harassment we call our thoughts and give things our full attention in the moment – it pays off.  It’s all ok.  We’re all very imperfect and it’s all ok.  Give someone you care about your full attention and focus just on them for a little while.  It can pay off.  Give yourself your full attention.  Guess what?  You matter.  You’re worthwhile.  You’re loveable – exactly the way you are.  Your quirks are what make you interesting.  They’re what make life interesting.  Other people have the same quirks.  It’s ok.
Two Words That Can Change a Life, by Cheryl Rice . . .

Join the “You Matter” brigade

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