Her Majesty’s Secret Service: life in the time of President Pence

It may be reassuring to some of you the the elected “president” won’t actually be spending much time in the White House at all. He also has determined he will have his own squad of protection, he doesn’t need to meet with the FBI or need their briefings.  The Up side of this is actually that President Pence is going to be the one running the country.  So alot of Mr T’s craziness and promises will – surprise- never ever happen.  He will be the figurehead.  He will take all the glory if any is to be had. But Mike Pence will actually be the one in Washington running the country and Mr T will run the “business” of America as he sees fit.  He can continue to pad his pockets and his ego.  He can continue to lie his ass off. And gullible people can continue to believe him.  He likely will do some things that will benefit business in America for some people – if they also benefit him and his family, because that’s truly the only real thing he might actually care about.  If he has any true feelings that is.

So the up side of Mike Pence running the country is that not that much will actually change.  Mike Pence knows the law.  Mike Pence will work closely with his fellow republicans, at least many in the main stream.  There will be back sliding as far as racism and segregation and right wing politics, but we’ve all survived these things already and we’re not going away.

Hopefully there won’t be too much of journalists disappearing and dying under mysterious circumstances.  Hopefully one of his SS will eventually write a truly entertaining “novel” about his experiences working with the craziest egomaniac to ever hold public office.  The IRS and FBI will continue to investigate his questionable tax write offs and business practices and many of the stupid people who do work for him will eventually also be screwed by him financially, because that’s what he does.

It’s become scarier to tell the truth.  Bullying is becoming acceptable and praised by this psychopath who has been elected. People who speak out will be bullied.  But here is what I ask of you. This will be hard. We all get scared by the bully.  But we’re grown ups now so we know the bully only succeeds when too many of us stay quiet. That’s exactly what happened during the election and we see where this got us.  Don’t stay quiet when you hear bullying.   It may be very hard but we’re all going to need our voices to speak up more than we ever had before.  Find your voice.  Our freedoms depend on it.



Her Majesty’s Secret Service: life in the time of President Pence

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