“Live Life Out Loud” Michelle Obama

So first, it’s great advice. And second, it is so important to credit the source, and I won’t steal this wise woman’s words without giving her credit (pay attention, Ms Melani-yuch- uch uch uch where is my barf bag?).

“Live Life Out Loud”. What does that mean? I think it’s a very important message to us all, and especially to women because we’re supposed to “sit still, look pretty (credit: Daya). The message is to be who you are. Speak your truth. I’ve spoken time and again about how important it is for each of us to feel validated, no matter how unusual we may be. The worst thing in the world is to suffer alone, in fact, that’s the reason some people find life unbearable and take that awful step into the abyss. They feel alone.

Very few of us are the people we wish we were. We all have flaws, we all have fears. We’re all vulnerable and insecure in difficult situations. Yet, if you actually live your truth, it’s the fastest way to feel less isolated and alone. In every situation I’ve been in that was hard, I found that when I talked about it I usually found many others had gone through something similar. By connecting with those experiencing difficulties like ours, we can learn how to live better. We can find people who validate our uniqueness.

Holiday season can suck because everyone is supposed to be so happy. But many people find holidays a great chore, besides the fact that it’s time consuming and expensive. Being with one’s family can be a challenge, and make one feel anything but loved and accepted. I always encourage you to be your own true self, and find your own hand picked “family” who validates you. Think of those people when you’re somewhere you feel alone.

I remember how devastated I was by the election results. But I went online and voiced my opinions. On Facebook I joined groups like “Pantsuit Nation” and “Not My racist,bigot, misogynistic President” which was recently changed to “Remove this threat to World Peace” and others, and I love just venting at these sites and I so wish I could copy and past the pics here that are so hilarious….and it brings us together, and we laugh together. We may currently be the “losers”, the haters are definitely louder than we are, but we can be loud too, and we need to be. If we don’t live our lives out loud, then we never know the brothers and sisters with similar views sitting right next to us. And then, the loud mouth bullies keep on winning.

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“Live Life Out Loud” Michelle Obama

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