Or fight, scream and yell

It’s my blog, I’ll write what I want. here’s it:

So if the Russians have so successfully influenced the election, and they’re celebrating now and Putin is bragging publicly about it, then how do we know he didn’t really just “rig” the election results, altogether? It wouldn’t be that hard to do, alot easier actually than hacking into Hillary’s server I suspect.

So now the 21 to 26 year olds lose their health insurance extension under their parents. Whose problem is that? Not his. Ours. How about those like me who have a “preexisting” condition – a very mild heart murmur I’ve had without any treatment for 50 years and “asthma” which I take a daily pill for and have never been treated for otherwise. I was one of those people who had to buy their own insurance but was denied before because of those two minor things. Can you believe that? In order to get insurance, I had to work places I didn’t really want to work. The affordable care act made it where I could work where I wanted and be self employed, and I’m making twice as much as I did before. Will I lose this privledge? I’m afraid. Many of us are very afraid.

I’m having this facebook conversation with people who keep saying “he’s a good man, give him a chance”. I think I already have! I think a man who’s had to file for bankruptcy 6 times is not very good with money! I think a man with two ex wives and two other families besides his current one is not much of a family man, and not very good at sticking to things that are hard, like marriage. I think a person who can’t even function in these two areas successfully in a sustained way should not be allowed to run our country.

Part of me wakes up each morning and thinks I’m dreaming. The other part just wants to do my best to pretend for the next 4 years that half of the people on this planet are not as stupid and gullible as they seem to be. So basically just lie and make alot of promises you have no ability to keep? That won? Just reminds me of the Emperor without clothes, you know?

So, go protect and argue and scream all you who want to. Right now – at least for the next 99 days, you still have the right to free speech. Go ahead and use it while you can. I admire your fierceness and dedication. I admire your commitment to show everyone he’s naked, but over half of us already know this, but still, I’m delighted you’re taking a stand. I wish there was something we could do about it. It’s possible the election machines were all hacked into and the election results were fraudulent. Obama knows this and so does the FBI but it would cause more unrest to admit this and have to re-vote. That’s never happened. That’s why Obama needs him to meet today so he’s aware. There are so many secrets we will never know – although this guy can’t keep a secret to save his life – talk about putting American safety at risk. I don’t envy the Secret Service or FBI right now – what an impossible job.

I have faith in my constitution. I don’t have faith in someone who “sues” and “locks up” anyone he doesn’t agree with. This election is horrible and he is the one who lowered it to the level it got to. No wonder we are (the 50.5% of the population who voted against him) sick and upset!

People look back at history and say “how could people have let this happen?” We have said this about the Holocaust. Now we will say this about this election. But we must speak up when we see injustice, or inequality. We must be courageous about standing up to this bully. I will stand beside you when you stand up. Please be courageous and stand behind me too!

Or fight, scream and yell

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