Special diet when dealing with a sick dog

This is only for when you have a very sick dog and you need your own kind of cpr/tlc

Breakfast 8 am – 11 am :
Alternate cups of heavily creamed coffee with approximately 120 calories
8 oz of Malbec wine of your choice approx. 150 calories – to 300 calories ( I sip, you might glug)

(especially helpful when you’re expecting about 25 people for a nice lunch and Bears game or other awful team)

(after you quickly confiscate the soup someone brought because it was spoiled before people eat too much of it)
more wine, more coffee: 450 calories

full lunch meal 1:30 pm :
Homemade amazing apple pie from your wonderful nephew, two heaping slices topped with Alden vanilla bean organic ice cream and drizzled caramel sauce; 950 calories
followed by Alden organic chocolate chocolate chip (ooopps, meant to buy regular chocolate chip – no one minded) with Cheesecake factory Hot Fudge served hot!, mmmm; 900 calories

3:30 afternoon snack
slice of apple: 30 calories
Chicago Mix Garrets popcorn 2 cups: 600 calories

Hunger level: none
sympathy level: excellent
help from company in cleanup :100%
Total calories: over 3000 calories
net loss or gain: lost one pound

Diet evaluation: Success! Must repeat!

Special diet when dealing with a sick dog

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