Yes, but I am grateful for flush toilets

I was again dismayed to hear on the news about another shooting that “isn’t about gun control”    but I am grateful because I have a roof over my head and food in my belly today.

I am horrified that a rich buffoon can insult an entire ethnic group in America and people will actually still vote for him,   but I am grateful because I have a soft bed to sleep in tonight

I am saddened that no matter what I do, I can’t save people from taking their lives, from lying to me to get drugs, or protect them from people who take advantage and manipulate them,  but I am grateful for my new therapist Claire

I am saddened that no matter how hard I try to be a good parent, my children will often be too busy to see me as much as I would like to see them, but I can be grateful for the friends who want to spend time with me.

I am angry that people in my family can choose to engage in bad behavior towards each other that makes my life more painful, difficult and complicated, but I can choose to love them anyway in spite of what they do.

I can think of the thousands living in Haiti in tents and be more grateful for my home, no matter how humble it may be.  I can be frustrated by the lack of opportunities for many in our country but I can look at Bangladesh and be grateful our young daughters aren’t married off at 13 because their families can’t afford to feed them.  I am so lucky that I can go to yoga and breathe away my worries and stress. I am so lucky I can go into a bathroom with running water and I have a flush toilet.  What luxuries we live with.   How lucky we really are.  Our concerns look pitiful when we look at what others have to deal with in other parts of the world.  But if I’m not careful, I can get buried in my problems.  I have that choice, and when I think about what luxuries we are  get to live with in the US, I am grateful, and being thankful for flush toilets always makes me smile.

Yes, but I am grateful for flush toilets

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