The Media, Guns, and Mental Health

According to the media, Donald Trump is leading the polls for the outstanding Republican party candidate.  If anyone reading that believed that, it would indicate most of the US population is seriously racist and prejudiced.  Does anyone else really believe that’s an accurate portrayal of America?  A country where a state in the south just removed their state flag because of what it portrays to some?  A very vocal minority is sending a sick message and getting lots of coverage.

A few days ago I found out someone I have met a few times in the past, a very nice young man, had had a mental breakdown, and during this, tragically shot a few people and was killed in a police shootout.  The media were quick to publish this story as “Shooter killed in 911 ambush of police”.  Since the media hot trigger right now is promoting any story looking like terrorism, or a lone terrorist act, the media jumped right on it.  As expected, since this event had nothing to do with terrorism, there was zero follow up.  But what happens when we listen over and over to those headlines?

I believe the media has gotten so biased and provocative that listening to it can only result in a very negative, frightening and skewed version of our country and the world.  Listening to the news is not at all informative, but is frightening and upsetting.  Perhaps that is why the media is getting more and more desperate to provoke.  Standard TV stations are losing their audience.  Published papers are going out of business.  But people are definitely reading!  Book sales are booming!

Gun possession and their role in violent acts is a real problem.  Any logical person realizes this is true, but no one seems to get the silent majority to join together to change anything since the vocal minority is again so strong.  If there are 30,000 deaths by gunfire yearly in the US, and half of those are suicides, what does that tell us?  It tells us that guns are readily available, and mental health care is not.

Ghandi and others in a similar mind”A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.”   Protecting their “civil rights” most of our homeless are actually mental health failures, since we all have the right to refuse treatment.  Access to supportive living for anyone with a mental health issue is singular, a nursing home.  Shameful.   Civil rights includes the right to destroy your life with drugs and alcohol.  It doesn’t matter if you are caring or supposedly raising children.  The Department of Child and Family Services won’t consider that alone child endangerment!  The real truth is that the things we really need in this richest society we have cost a lot of money.  Health care, access to health care, and housing for those who are vulnerable is substandard.  Care is substandard.  There is no longer motivation for the best and smartest to become physicians anymore because they can do much better financially by choosing a different field.

One of the most frightening things that occurs when the hateful and vocal minority spewing the hate are the voices we hear over and over.  Those of us who are loving and compassionate – SPEAK UP!  Lets together stop being afraid to say “No, violence is not ok!  Our current gun laws are not ok.  Our care of the homeless is not ok.  Our care of veterans is shameful. ” We have to be willing – both politicians, media, and civilians to say the truth!  Good people of America, please join me in speaking up!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” (E. Burke, 1770).  Good people of America, speak from the loving place in your heart and drown out all the hatred, band together and work towards making our lives and society a safer and better place.  Speak up!

The Media, Guns, and Mental Health

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