Love more: Open Letter to Pam Geller

Dear Ms Geller,

What is the purpose of using your energy to make others feel bad?  Why would anyone seek to get attention for themselves by hurting a group of people for no reason?  Can’t you get attention for yourself by doing good things for the world?  I think you can, and you would feel better about yourself if you did.

I am not religious.  But religion serves a place for the majority of people in society.  Many people find solace in their religion, it gives their lives purpose, and they are inspired to do good for others in the name of their religion.   Religion gives structure to society, and America stands for freedom of speech and religion.

I don’t see where anywhere in history, where promoting hatred made the world a better place.  Leaders who’ve promoted hatred have eventually been destroyed by it.  Promoting hatred wastes the country’s resources by having to protect your right to spew that hatred. You get a lot of attention for classifying a group of people as bad simply because of the religion they choose.  It’s like saying all Jews are serial killers because the Son of Sam was a Jew.  Most of the people of the world are loving and good, and most of us seek kindness, love and peace in our lives.   Most religious people especially try to live their lives demonstrating good and caring for others.  Most religions foster community giving and service as a way to better the world and society.

Right now there is a part of the world where many people are fighting because they don’t recognize freedom of diversity.  That’s a very sad part of the world. There’s a lot of pain and hatred happening there, and chaos.  That’s what hatred brings. Don’t try to bring it here to the US.  We don’t want it here.

When you try to say a small percentage of violent and misled people represent the whole of a group, you are generalizing to the whole, and missing the real meaning of the group.  Your energy is misplaced, your desire for media attention is unhealthy and the fear and frustration you cause by your behavior hurts a silent and law abiding majority of people.

Try using your passion and energy to do activities that promote more love and understanding in the world.  You will feel much better about yourself, and you will feel the love that comes when you share and spread love with others.


Rhonda Fried


Addendum: at the suggestion of some readers, I did share this letter with Ms Geller.  She suggested by her responses in our brief interchanges that she believes all people of Muslim religion intend to take over the world, every one of the millions of them wish to destroy every other religion in existence and take over.  When I compared her hatred of a mass group of people because of the terrorist actions of a few, and compared that action of her wanting to destroy a group of people to being like Hitler wanting to destroy all Jews, she responded that she felt that was what I was advocating.

Love more: Open Letter to Pam Geller

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