Saying goodbye

A good friend of mine passed away this last weekend.  I guess I said goodbye about a year ago, after trying to help many times, I felt she had chosen the path of destruction and flames, and I told her I couldn’t sit that close and watch her do it.

I dreamed of her last night. We were with a group of friends, there was a house fire and they were next door. I got them all out safely and we drove away.  But I realized we had to go back to talk to the fire department and fire marshal about what could have started the fire and to let them know the occupants were all safe.  She wouldn’t even acknowledge what I had said and walked away without saying goodbye.  I guess that’s a good metaphor of what actually did happen and my way of getting ok with not having the final goodbye.

I had been feeling bad because I had not known it was her last week of life and I would have liked to see her to tell her I loved her before she passed.  But I realize now I did say goodbye to her a year ago and it’s ok.

We never know how long we have to live, or how long we have to tell those we love the truth. How important it is to live authentically and tell the truth in the most loving ways we can, to those we love, at every opportunity we have. I’m now glad I told the truth a year ago, I can be at peace about this now.

Saying goodbye

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